Logotype and Visual Identity for Dovetail Industries Inc.
Dovetail Industries is a Technology Partner serving a variety of companies in the United States. We created the visual identity and logotype for them. The name contains a unique meaning. In woodwork, dovetailing is a high-end joinery technique noted for its strength and resistance to being pulled apart. There is no need to use screws or nails to provide a resistant union. Similarly, Dovetail Industries provides a solid partnership that entangles technology, processes and information.

As a petition from our clients, the company had already familiarized their culture and name with the initials– DTI. The challenge was to create an original, and identifiable mark that encompasses technology, a reference to dovetailing and utilize the previously mentioned initials. After doing explorations for the mark we approached into a completely customized logotype/symbol. We obtain inspiration from computing language symbols. Their simplicity and universal properties, inspired our team to create a distinctive mark. The result was a clean and modern logotype that combined a futuristic yet simple aesthetic.
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