New Dallas FC Badge Video Intro
Recently, many teams in the MLS have updated their brands and “logos” to connect more effectively with their modern fan base. While I was studying more about this, I found on the web an article were experienced designers rated from worst to best each team in the league. They used criteria such as meaning, design quality, and fan acceptance   To my surprise and sadly FC Dallas was not on the top ten. therefore, I took it upon myself to study the franchise, its history, symbols and more to redesign a new badge that could be more attractive and iconic for the club's loyal fan base.​​​​​​​
After all, I saw some room for simplification and sophistication on the current badge. And even though is not far from being an excellent badge I wanted to take a shot and solve this problem creatively. The challenge was to create a sober TEAM BADGE that would retain and respect the heritage and symbolism of the franchise, city and fans but that could be able to adopt a simple, modern, and less trendy and more classic style. This with the purpose to adapt in modern digital era.

Preliminary Sketches ©

Digital Sketch of the New FC Dallas Badge ©

THE NEW BADGE is simple, emblematic. It has personality on its own. It’s centered on the Star- a familiar Texan symbol. The flame comes from the franchises’ first name in the 90’s the “Dallas Burn”.
THE HORIZONTAL LINE dividing the two colored segments is inspired in the flag of the City of Dallas. The north-texan team seeking then to represent the soccer passion of fans across the region.
This was also a big reason to remove the longhorn. To expand the fan base away from a particular zone or territory.
THE COLOR palette remains consistent to the previous version to help fans instantly recognize the team’s colors adding a little more emphasis to the now Silver “flame”.
THE RESULT is a beautifully, simplified and authentic badge. It even looks like if it was designed decades ago, but successfully accomplishes high-responsiveness; a critical demand all brands need to fulfill nowadays. As an exhibit of this, you can imagine this logo as small as a penny on a shoe appliqué or as big as a print in the stadium’s pitch, not loosing any detail or quality at all.

Digital Sketch of the New Badge in Procreate™ App. ©

Digitization of the Badge utilizing the iPad Pro and Affinity Designer ©

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