About the company
Florida Renewable Energy is a company selling Solar Panels in the United States.  FRE got in touch with us right after the formation of the company to create a logo and visual identity for them. It's important to note that the Renewable Energy Industry is one of the most rapidly growing industries in the world today!

After having our initial conversations, we did identify that the company adopted three core values. The leadership team wanted to include the core values in the logo. With a market full of competition, we want FRE to stand out! We eagerly desired to create a unique mark!

Coming from this idea, we navigated through as many symbols as possible in books, magazines, and other materials. Following this vision, we started primarily to deconstruct the universal recycling symbol. We then did simplify it into three straight lines running horizontally to form the letter E. From there, the F and the R combine to help contrast with the E emphasizing the horizontal bars. The aesthetics for the mark then got defined into a modern logotype.
Typeface and Colors
The Logotype is completely customized. It doesn't come from a font or typeface family. Nevertheless, the supporting typography makes use of the typeface NEON in two weights. 

After many explorations, inspiration came from the ocean. Ultimately, clean and translucent water reminds the human brain of a holistic natural environment. We did land on a bright cyan to function as the primary color. To match the bright cyan, FRE makes use of a Carbon Gray and White colors with a tertiary Turquoise to complement the Logotype in cases of low contrast backgrounds.
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