In an effort to create a consistent stream of clients and have a lasting impact on them, JustClean Company commissioned e49 Creative to design its new brand’s visual identity. Working off of a brief sketch of the city of Charlotte’s skyline, the E49 team took Julio Cuellar’s—Owner of JustClean Company, Junk Removal and Pressure Washing Services—idea and turned it into a modern, bold and professional identity system. 

The E49 team needed to create the first official logo of the company that would convey a message of reliability and become a tool to create a good reputation. The mark needed to represent the city of Charlotte, NC and at the same time be flexible enough to evolve into a bigger brand in the future. Working with clean lines, loud colors and bold typography, the team arrived at a logo that can stand the test of time and grow with the company. 

“The importance of design and branding came to life thanks to E49 Creative. We are so pleased with the project. The branding and design that Eder and his team did for us completes the vision and mission that we had in mind. Professionalism, support and high-quality work are key attributes that make E49 stand out from competition.” — Julio Cuellar
The new logo, accompanied with eye-catching colors, was unveiled in January 2021. JustClean features the new visual identity on all digital platforms, print materials and apparel. 

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