The Project & the Brand.
A dear friend introduced the Marco Polo app to me some time ago, I loved it since day one because it has a different way of connecting people. It’s accessible, friendly, and fun. I immediately shared this with my immediate family, and we created a group chat that has been our main communication channel beside our text group. Marco Polo has the potential to become one of the most iconic apps in the world, and we saw some opportunities to improve the brands’ visual identity. 

After the discovery and research stage of the project, we found out the core values of the company align perfectly with what we believe too. The value proposition of this app is to help people stay connected genuinely without being live necessarily, through a video walkie talkie. This allows liberty to speak to each other or share important moments in life more freely. In addition, we identified areas with branding potential. 

Asking different users about their experience with the app allowed us to understand why some areas, such as iconography, typography, voice and others, are important to them. Their insights were related to positivity, happiness, communication and closeness. We found opportunities to communicate all of what the brand and company believes in more effectively and we respectfully did this as a conceptual project.

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